Our Services


Here is a list of some of the most performed services we offer at the Veterinary Medical Center of Fort Mill.  
Don’t see a service you are interested in?  Contact us and more than likely we can help or refer you to a facility that can.


Well / Sick Exams

VMC of Fort Mill recommends an comprehensive exam at least once a year. This helps pet owners to stay up to date with all their pets yearly requirements and needs. Some things you might have done in a yearly wellness exam are fecal checks for parasites, heartworm tests, senior or junior bloodwork panels, vaccines, and any other health concerns you might have.


Basic / Advanced Surgeries

With a modern surgical suite, we are capable to provide our clients and patients with a wide range of surgical procedures including routine surgeries as well as abdominal exploratory, ear and eye procedures, ACL repairs, and other orthopedic procedures.


Oral Cleaning/Surgery

Here at VMC of Fort Mill we offer affordable routine dental procedures, including teeth cleaning, scaling, polishing, and extractions.  Routine dental care can add years of healthy life to your pet.


Full Vaccination Protocols

We offer the safest veterinary vaccines on the market. We even carry the preservative free vaccine for cats to reduce the incidence of sarcomas (Cancer).  Vaccines are a crucial part of an animals preventative healthcare.  It helps to prevent them from contracting and/or spreading certain diseases.


Veterinary Ultrasound

Here at Veterinary Medical Center of Fort Mill we have an ultrasound machine that helps us visualize internal body structures.


Digital X-Ray

Veterinary Medical Center of Fort Mill has an in-house digital radiography(x-ray) machine that links automatically to your animal’s records.  Within minutes the doctors can review your pet’s radiographs making your visit even shorter than it needs to be.  No need to wait for developing exposures.