Healthy Pet Happy Pet

Healthy Pet Happy Pet Experience

Have you ever left a veterinary visit feeling that some aspects of your pet’s health didn’t get addressed in proper detail? Did you still have questions about what and how to feed your pet? Or how often your pet should be bathed and with which shampoo? And how exactly to perform a thorough cleaning to prevent ear infections? Let us help.

When it comes to your pet, every detail matters.

Veterinarians can’t possibly communicate all of the information you might want on how to be the best pet owner in a 30-minute appt once a year. “Dr. Google” is not very reliable with so much misinformation from questionable sources available. We want to make sure that every pet owner has access to the best information. Therefore we have created a revolutionary approach to wellness care called the Healthy Pet Happy Pet Experience.

We divide our wellness care into two steps. The first step is our Healthy Pet Experience, which is a one-on-one veterinary consultation with you and your pet. This is when we address the medical aspects of your pet’s health. The second step is when you return to enjoy our Happy Pet Experiences. These are entirely FREE educational seminars for our pet parents on all the essential topics. Classes last about an hour and are taught by our Licensed Veterinary Technicians.

We have Wellness Classes: Intro to Pet Parenthood (Caring for Puppies and Kittens) and Pet Parenthood 101 (Caring for Adult Pets)

We have Pet Care Classes: Grooming & Hygiene, Nutrition & Exercise, and Training & Socialization

We have Special Classes: Pet Dental Health, Pet Weight Loss, Pet Mobility, and Feline Focus


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We put your pet first.

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What makes us different?

Finding the right veterinary clinic for you and your pet family is a challenging task. Any veterinary website or practice will tell you the same things–they practice top quality medicine and have high standards. Well, most practices do. So what makes Veterinary Medical Center of Fort Mill different? The biggest difference is in why we do what we do and why we stand-alone among other hospitals.

What separates us from the rest? First, we are fully accredited by AAHA–indicating the best in veterinary excellence. We have 18 Fear Free Certified team members and we are a Certified Cat-Friendly Practice. Watch the First Impression video to hear our why and find out why Veterinary Medical Center of Fort Mill is such a special place.

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