Nutritional Counseling


A proper diet means that your pets get the nutrients they need. We have special diets for pets of all ages and specific needs and all are available onsite at our hospital.

Your pet’s diet matters more than you think.

Proper nutrition is one of the most important parts of your pet’s health. A balanced and properly proportioned diet is the key to energy, a healthy weight, and long life. We understand that your pet’s nutritional needs change with lifestyle, health, and age. VMC believes that providing education to pet parents on how to read pet food labels and how to be informed when selecting pet food is extremely important. We hold educational classes entirely devoted to teaching pet parents all about their pet’s nutrition. Our Healthy Pet Happy Pet classes are free to attend, and help you understand the importance of the food your pet eats. You can register for an upcoming class by clicking here.

We also perform a Body Condition Score (BCS) on every patient at each examination. This helps us recommend a proper feeding and exercise routine for your pet should they need to meet an ideal weight/body condition goal. This is like a BMI scale for humans and can help us get an accurate score for your pet.

We put your pet first.

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What makes us different?

Finding the right veterinary clinic for you and your pet family is a challenging task. Any veterinary website or practice will tell you the same things–they practice top quality medicine and have high standards. Well, most practices do. So what makes Veterinary Medical Center of Fort Mill different? The biggest difference is in why we do what we do and why we stand-alone among other hospitals.

What separates us from the rest? First, we are fully accredited by AAHA–indicating the best in veterinary excellence. We have 18 Fear Free Certified team members and we are a Certified Cat-Friendly Practice. Watch the First Impression video to hear our why and find out why Veterinary Medical Center of Fort Mill is such a special place.

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