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Pet parents that attend three** of our classes reach V.I.P. status in our practice. V.I.Ps, or Very Informed Pet Parents, enjoy special benefits and rewards. They earn extra loyalty stamps, access to our VIP Facebook Group, and pre-invitation and exclusive privileges for all our special events, plus they can receive discounts at other local pet-related businesses that recognize the benefits of partnering with such knowledgeable pet owners.

**Anyone can attend three classes to become a VIP. One of the three classes must be a Wellness Class. If you have a puppy or kitten that is less than 1 year old, then “Intro to Pet Parenthood” is the one for you. If you have a dog or cat that is more than 1 year old, then you should check out “Pet Parenthood 101.” The other two classes are totally up to you!”


In light of COVID-19, the following classes will be available online, until we can have you join us in the classroom again. We will continually monitor and evaluate the current conditions to determine the plan going forward and will do our best to communicate any changes.

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Sunday, December 12th

Grooming & Hygiene

11:00 am – 12:00 pm

Grooming is not just about keeping your pet looking their best. Did you know it can also have serious impacts on their health and wellness too? This class will give you the tips and tricks about all aspects of pet grooming and hygiene to keep your pet healthy and happy for years to come.

Pet Dental Health

12:00 pm – 1:00 pm


Did you know that Dental disease is the #1 health concern that we see in our pet patients?

During this class, we will discuss the ins and outs of dental disease and what you can do for your pet to prevent and treat it. We will also walk you through the entire process when your pet comes in for a professional dental cleaning from the time you drop them off to the time you pick them up later in the day.

Pet Parent Q&A

1:00pm – 1:30pm


We can’t possibly communicate all of the information you might want on how to be the best pet owner in a 30-minute appt once a year. And let’s be honest, “Dr. Google” is not very reliable with soooo much misinformation from some very questionable sources out there these days. So, we want to make sure that every pet owner has access to the best information.

This session will be a Q&A session with Becky, LVT our Healthy Pet Happy Pet Class Instructor. Becky has more than 10 years of experience working in the veterinary field, has been a Veterinary Technician at VMC Fort Mill since 2013, and has been teaching educational classes for pet owners for about 3 years.

If you have questions about a specific topic, please send us an email at ahead of time. For anything else that comes up during the Q&A, Becky will do her best to answer, then she can follow up with people with additional information and resources if needed.

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