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Healthy Pet Happy Pet Experience

Have you ever left a veterinary visit feeling some aspects of your pet’s health didn’t get addressed in proper detail?  Did you still have questions about what and how much to feed to your pet?  How often should your pet be bathed, which shampoo, and how exactly do you perform a through cleaning to prevent ear infections?  Were you craving training and communication basics that strengthen the bond with your pet?

At VMC, we want to partner with you to enhance and prolong the quality and quantity of your pet’s life.  The medical exam, vaccines, and parasite prevention recommendations veterinary visits provide are just part of the equation to keep your pet healthy.  Truthfully, the daily care you provide with complete and balanced nutrition, proper grooming, and exercise/emotional well being is just as essential to maintain the health of your pet.  

We divide our wellness care into 2 steps.  The first step is our Healthy Pet Experience, which is a one-on-one veterinary consultation with you and your pet addressing the medical aspects of your pet’s health.  The second step is returning to enjoy our Happy Pet Experiences.  These are completely FREE educational seminars for our pet parents an all the important topics.  

We have 3 core classes: Grooming, Nutrition, and Training

We also have additional classes: Introduction to Pet Parenthood & Learning all about Your pet’s Dental Health 

We love when pet parents feel educated and empowered about how to best care for their furry family members, so the more you learn the more you earn!! Pet Parents that attend our 3 core classes reach V.I.P. Status in our practice (Very Informed Pet Parents).  Our V.I.P clients instantly receive a gift certificate for free Medical Exam to use anytime, 10% off all exams for the lifetime they are a VMC client, special privileges at our yearly events, and discounts at other local pet related businesses that recognize the benefits of partnering with such knowledgeable pet owners.  

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