It’s An Important Annual “Massage”

It’s An Important Annual “Massage”

VMCExamYou’ve gotten a new puppy! Congratulations! Getting a puppy is a great deal and requires a lot of hard-work and dedication to making sure she grows up to be strong and live a long healthy life. So how do we ensure that this happens?

Start off by getting her examined by a veterinarian. The veterinarian will take a look from nose to tail to ensure her health is good. Preventatives and diagnostics like the fecal examination will be recommended to further ensure that there are no parasites that could be causing her harm.

Yay! It’s her birthday and she is one year old now. Where has the time gone? Now what happens with Lucy? Well, most likely she’s coming up due for some vaccines and other preventative diagnostics such as her heartworm test. At this time it is always recommended to have the veterinarian take a look at her again to make sure her weight has been steady, that she gets all of the vaccines and preventatives needed for her current lifestyle, and that there aren’t any concerns.

The annual exam gives us an opportunity to evaluate Lucy’s heart for any murmurs or abdomen for any pain, discomfort, or organ enlargement. This is also often a time when veterinarians may find that her ears are showing signs of infection and owners mention that “Lucy has been scratching at her ears a little more lately.” It is a very common situation, we understand. We are all busy working, raising families, and taking care of the pets that we may not notice subtle signs of our some times very stoic pets.

Our pets age quicker than we do and therefore have changes that occur within a short period of time. Seeing Lucy during a healthy visit once a year gives us an opportunity to talk more extensively about her health and lifestyle and what we can do to make her as healthy as possible for as long as possible. We don’t always get the same type of quality time during a sick visit since we are concentrated on finding on the root of the problem and focus on the treatment.