Healthy Start Package

Designed for puppies and kittens who will be 8 – 16 weeks of age when starting the package.

Give your new Puppy or Kitten a Healthy Start

Bringing home a new puppy or kitten is a big adjustment for you and your new pet. With so many things to keep track of, it can definitely feel overwhelming. Planning for their medical care doesn’t have to be another thing to worry about.

With the Healthy Start Package, you can be sure that your new furbaby gets all of the basic preventative care that the veterinarians recommend to get them off to a Healthy and Happy Start — plus save on their Spay or Neuter surgery!

Scroll down to see what’s included and to review the details. If you have questions about the Healthy Start Package and if it would be a good fit for you and your new pet, just give us a call!

Healthy Start Puppy Package includes:

  • Up to 3 Healthy Physical Examinations
  • Intestinal parasite screening at each visit*
  • Pyrantel Dewormer administered at each visit
  • Up to 3 Distemper-Parvo vaccinations
  • 1 Rabies vaccination (Includes tag and certificate)
  • 2 Leptospirosis vaccinations
  • 1 Oral Bordetella vaccination
  • Free Spay/Neuter surgery
*Stool sample must be provided and test run during the visit.

Healthy Start Kitten Package includes:

  • Up to 3 Healthy Physical Examinations
  • Intestinal parasite screening at each visit*
  • Pyrantel Dewormer administered at each visit
  • Up to 3 Feline Distemper vaccinations
  • 1 Purevax Rabies vaccination (Includes tag and certificate)
  • 1 Feline Leukemia/AIDS test done when kitten weighs at least 2 lbs
  • Free Spay/Neuter surgery
*Stool sample must be provided and test run during the visit.

The Total Package Price is $750. 

Spay or Neuter Surgery:

Your puppy or kitten’s Spay or Neuter surgery will be performed by our highly skilled surgical team and is Free with purchase of the package. Included are the surgical procedure, IV catheter, IV fluids, and oral pain medications. Your pet will also receive a complimentary 24-hour dose of anti-nausea medication.

Preoperative blood work is not included in the package, but is recommended to be completed 2 weeks prior to surgery.

Package Details:

Who is eligible for package?
  • The Healthy Start package is designed for puppies and kittens who are between age 8 – 16 weeks old when starting the package.
Tips for scheduling
  • Vaccines are included in each Healthy Start visit, therefore, for their safety, please be sure that no vaccines have been administered to your puppy or kitten within 14 days of the first visit. Vaccines trigger the immune system to produce antibodies to protect the pet against the particular disease. The immune response can be diminished and interference can occur if additional vaccines are given within 2 weeks.
  • Some breeders may require a health exam within a specific time. These time limitations generally prevent us from being able to start the package at the initial vet visit, as it may be required within days of the last breeder vaccines being given. We’ll get you scheduled to start the package at the next visit when vaccines are due and can be administered safely.
  • Providing records ahead of time will allow us to ensure that appointments are scheduled appropriately.
Important notes
  • The Healthy Start Package is for preventative care only. Sick visits and medications are not included.
  • The total number of visits, fecal tests, doses of dewormer, and DAP/FVRCP vaccinations will be based on the age of the patient at the first package visit.
  • Intestinal parasite screening will be completed at each visit but a stool sample must be provided by the pet owner at appointment start time. Samples cannot be brought at a later date.
  • Pyrantel Pamoate Dewormer treats for hookworms and roundworms, the two most common intestinal parasites. Medications to treat for other parasites that could be diagnosed are not included.
  • Heartworm and flea/tick prevention are not included in the package, but are recommended for every pet to receive every month for their entire life.
Payment and Contract
  • Payment is due in FULL at the first Healthy Start visit. 
  • The Healthy Start Package charges are non-refundable and the package is non-transferable.
  • A signed contract must be on file in order to receive included services and pricing. It is not necessary to complete the contract until the first Healthy Start visit, but it is linked here if you would like to review it ahead of time.

View Healthy Start Package Contract →

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