Dr. Julie Reck

Dr. Reck is the owner of the Veterinary Medical Center of Fort Mill and a veterinarian with a passion for creating new communication avenues with pet owners. Scroll down to get to know her a little better.

Meet our fearless leader, Dr. Julie Reck!

Dr. Julie Reck

Dr. Julie Reck

Veterinarian / Owner

Dr. Reck has a passion for preserving and restoring the quality of life for her patients. She graduated from veterinary school at Virginia Tech in 2007.  In her first few years of practice, Dr. Reck gained immense experience by working at Long Animal Hospital, one of Charlotte’s busiest and well-known practices.  In 2009, Dr. Reck accepted a full-time surgical position with the Humane Society of Charlotte where she had the opportunity to perform over 12,000 spay/neuter procedures and hundreds of advanced soft tissue and orthopedic procedures to save rescue animals.  Simultaneously, Dr. Reck founded Charlotte’s first home pet euthanasia and hospice service called Home Farewell.  While helping families and pets in their last moments together, Dr. Reck recognized that there was a need to help provide assistance and understanding around deciding when it is time to make an end of life decisions for their pet.  She published Facing Farewell (Available on Amazon and Dogwise) in 2010, and the book was awarded the Maxwell Medallion of Excellence for the best book in pet health care at the 2010 Westminster Dog Show.

In 2011, Dr. Reck founded the Veterinary Medical Center of Fort Mill, where she envisioned the practice flourishing into an environment where multiple veterinarians and talented veterinary professionals could provide veterinary care.  Dr. Reck’s primary professional interests are surgical procedures and mobility preservation in dogs and cats.  She offers free mobility pet care classes to the community, individual consults on pet mobility, and regenerative stem cell joint and body therapy.  After seeing the outstanding benefits of stem cell treatment in her own dog, Simon, Dr. Reck is very passionate about providing options and educating pet parents on all that is available.

Dr. Reck is considered an industry leader on a variety of topics in veterinary medicine.  She has been featured in Real Simple Magazine, national news outlets, and the Today show for her insights on pet care and health.  Dr. Reck also travels to lecture at the world’s largest veterinary conferences on the Fear Free approach to veterinary care, veterinary practice management, and leadership in veterinary medicine.  In 2018, Dr. Reck co-founded Aspire, which provides the veterinary professional with online leadership and management training.

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Dr. Reck travels to speak as a member of the Fear Free Executive Board and for Zoetis.


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As pets age, their mind and spirit can still be full of life, but the pain and difficulty they experience trying to get around–often due to Osteoarthritis–can cause them to become depressed.

Dr. Reck had been giving Simon, her own dog,  joint supplements and medications for years, which only masked his discomfort.   Therefore, she went looking for a new treatment option that would make a difference.

She researched other options and decided to work with VetStem Laboratories to provide Stem Cell Therapy to treat arthritic pets. 

After seeing Simon’s progress in just 30 days, Dr. Reck is excited to offer this new treatment option to help other pets have the same chance of improvement he had.

The Healthy Pet Happy Pet Experience℠ is a revolutionary approach to veterinary wellness. Too often a veterinary visit will only focus on the results of the veterinarian’s exam and test findings, which can leave important areas of your pet’s care ignored! We feel the care you provide at home is just as important to your pet’s health and happiness as the information we provide in the exam room.

We want your visit to be so much more than a “quick as possible” checkup. This is why our wellness approach is now 2 steps: The Healthy Pet Happy Pet Experience℠

The Fear Free method was created to alleviate fear, anxiety, and stress in pets and educate and inspire the people that care for them. Fear Free focuses on both the physical and emotional well-being of your pets and aims to take the pet out of petrified.

We believe in this way of practicing veterinary care. So much so that we have over 18 staff members who are Fear Free Level 1 Certified. This requires 9 hours of training for each member! Making sure that your pet and you have a stress free experience at the Veterinary Medical Center of Fort Mill is one of our top priorities.

When is it the right time? Does it hurt my pet? How do I measure my pet’s quality of life? How do I know if they are in pain? There are finally answers! Facing Farewell is the first book created by a veterinarian that is entirely devoted to helping pet owners make euthanasia decisions for their pets. You will learn how to time end of life decisions based specifically on your pet’s medical condition. You will learn the best methods and techniques of compassionate euthanasia so you can be an informed medical advocate for your pet. You will be able to recognize the symptoms of animal pain and understand how to set parameters to define your pet’s quality of life. Each chapter concludes with worksheets to apply the information specially to you and your pet. Facing Farewell is a necessary book for any dog or cat owner wishing to be prepared to make the best decisions possible for their pet when they will need it the most.

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